world’s first dedicated celebration of cinematic sound and music
The Short Sounds Film Festival is the world’s first dedicated celebration of cinematic sound and music.

The world is full of NOISE, loud, raw and unrelenting on our ear drums. Escaping it is nigh on impossible and in time it fades motionless to the background of our lives, HOWEVER…

… in the temple of cinema, the crude ore of NOISE is crafted by unsung masters into sculpted waves designed to wash sensually upon our ears with majesty and wonderment. Rich in resonance, subtle in sentiment and lasting in legacy, this mesmerising process has seen NOISE become SOUND.

The Short Sounds Film Festival is the world’s first dedicated celebration of cinematic sound and music. An event to champion the audio wizards that fill our heads with SOUNDS that make our heart race and SCORES that storm our souls. This October, join us in central Bournemouth for a programme of films richly authentic in their use of sound and music and a whole host of uniquely engaging experiential installations designed to challenge your very relationship with cinematic audio.

Come free your ears from the monotony of NOISE and tantalise them with the glory of cinematic SOUND

Submissions open between 1st Feb and 31st Aug


You can submit to the SHORT SOUNDS FILM FESTIVAL, a short film festival celebrating cinematic sound design and music, between
1st FEB – 31st AUG using either Withoutabox or FilmFreeway.

short film festival celebrating cinematic sound design and musicshort film festival celebrating cinematic sound design and music

We are looking for authentic music and sound in NARRATIVE FICTION, ANIMATION and DOCUMENTARY shorts together with the
BEST ORIGINAL SCORES not produced for a picture.


We are looking for the best short films from around the world with ear-catching sound design and original score in the following categories.

A short drama or fiction film with a run time of 25 minutes or less.

A short film produced using any style or animation technique with run time of 25 minutes or less.

A short documentary, factual or non-fiction film with run time of 40 minutes or less.

An original score which has been produced but not used in a picture (movie or short film).

To submit your short film or score please use either:


The festival will grant the following awards for films screening in competition:

The ‘Jury award’ is granted to the film exhibiting excellence in the fields of direction, writing, performance, cinematography, technical execution and use of sound design and music.

The ‘Best sound design award’ is granted to films exhibiting exceptional and innovative use of sound. Judges mark against several criteria, including creation and use of sound effects, ambience and dialogue.

The ‘Best score award’ is granted to films with highly exceptional and original music composition. Judges mark against several criteria, including arrangement, production quality, emotional significance, synergy to picture and originality.

The ‘Best sound editing’ award is granted to films that demonstrate exceptional craft in the field of sound editing. Judges mark against criteria including aesthetic, composition and impact.

The award for ‘Best combined use of sound & music’ is granted to films that exhibit an exceptional relationship between sound design, sound editing and score. Judges will mark based on criteria including synergy between effects, atmosphere and music and the dynamic between sound, music and picture.

The festival also will be encouraging young or emerging composers with music cues not produced for picture to submit their work to be selected for the following award. Work submitted will be featured on the festival website and social networks and will be played to voting audiences in sound installations situated in the festival venues.

The ‘Best original score not produced for picture award’ is granted to exceptional music created independently and not currently used in a finished film. This award intends to celebrate the creative works of composers writing music cues on spec or for libraries which goes largely unheard by mass audiences. Judges are marking on criteria including composition, arrangement, originality and impact. 


The 2017 SHORT SOUNDS FILM FESTIVAL will be held at the PDSW Bournemouth between 12 – 15 October 2017

Our venue, PDSW, is located at the back of Bournemouth Pavilion and is accessed through the Lower Gardens or via Pier Approach, underneath the flyover.

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From the Pavilion car park: walk down the steps to the right of the Pavilion Theatre and you’ll see Pavilion Dance overlooking the Lower Gardens.

From Pier Approach or Lower Gardens: Pavilion Dance faces the seafront and Lower Gardens and so can be reached either by the steps or accessible ramp.

By train: We are 20 mins walk from Bournemouth train station . For local services call South West Trains on 0845 6000 650 or visit South West Trains, Trainline or Megabus (for cheap tickets to and from London).

By bus: We are close to major bus routes, the main bus stops are on Westover Road and Gervis Place. For local services call Yellow Buses on 01202 636000 or Wilts & Dorset on 0845 0727 093

By bike: There are several places to lock up your bike on Westover Road and on Pier Approach. Dorset Police recommend D-locks to ensure your bike is more secure.

By car: Parking is available nearby at several car parks that can be found via this link. Please note that town-centre car parking can be very limited during busy times and so please plan accordingly. We recommend the car park on Hinton Road (number 17 on the map) which doesn’t usually get so busy and is a short walk from Pavilion Dance. The taxi rank is on Westover Road, outside the exhibition center.