On the 21st of June it is selfie day. You may thk there isn’t much history when it comes to the selfie but, you’d be surprised. So here we’re gonna talk about a brief history of selfies and what selfie day is meant to be. The first selfie ever was taken as far back as the 1800’s. In 1839 the first selfie was taken by Robert Cornelius with the earliest forms of photography utilizing natural lighting and using silver transfers. As displayed either side of the paragraph.

As technology upgrades and the world progresses, the need for digital content started becoming the norm. The first digital camera in the late 70’s, start of the 80’s. Then the creation of social media websites started coming out. MySpace being one of the first notable ones before the likes of Instagram and smartphone cameras became something the majority of the public started owning one or both. As the ways of engaging with each other expanded and became more accessible so did the need for validation.

Social media as of recent years has been a blessing but also a curse. With the growing ages so has the need of validation and crippling self-esteem. The means to take selfie’s have upgraded. Such as filters being more commonly used. Apps literally built with the purpose of selfie taking and the transformations being incredibly scary and uncanny valley to the point of making someone extremely unrecognizable.

With these new changes and social media becoming more prominently used, no wonder the world has become more desperate to feel accepted and appreciated. Seeking affirmation sometimes from total strangers, that’s the extreme we have attained to in this continuously upgrading and technologically advanced society.

However, selfies can be fun. Apps like Snow and Snapchat creating a verity of silly filters to have fun with selfies rather than worrying about feeling pretty for the internet. To end this article enjoy some selfies of our office admin Tom having fun with his photos.

by Georgia Bevan