We are here to help, below are some answers to some popular questions, if you have anything specific, please contact us on Facebook or via email us at info@shortsounds.co.uk

How were short films submitted?

We are no longer accepting short film and feature submissions that are sent to us. The festival has been discontinued and likely won’t be returning. Previously, we accepted submissions with authentic music and sound in several categories including NARRATIVE FICTION, ANIMATION and DOCUMENTARY together with the BEST ORIGINAL SCORES not produced for a picture. Your project had to fulfil the relevant category’s rules. We had no premiere requirements or prior screening restrictions and your film could’ve had previous screenings at other festivals and/or have been available on other platforms, however the jury will favour films with less exposure. Films could’ve been produced at any time and can be from any country.

Where were the venues?

Our main festival venue was PDSW (www.pdsw.org.uk) in the heart of Bournemouth. We also hosted events at other venues each year, full details are included in the previous programmes.

How were original scores submitted?

Once again, we are no longer accepting new submissions, but previously the category offered composers the chance to present their music score to a jury of industry experts. FilmFreeway was used to submit an entry. The score could have been submitted as public or private YouTube, Soundcloud or Vimeo links or mp3 files. Scores submitted should’ve be at least one minute in duration.