experimental documentary



Antropia is the narrative evidence of a solitary man, an explorer with a directional microphone and audio recorder, who tried to decipher the language and signs that came from the inhabitants of an ideal citadel: a place that really existed for a short time and in which improvisation and human interaction was not foreseen.

Director Biography: Luca Quagliato was born in Milan in 1988. After high school he studied photography at the CFP Riccardo Bauer, graduating in 2008.  From 2012 is part of the collective Habitat Project (www.habitatproject.it), a research project about a contemporary form of housing and related phenomena. His work was published on Libération, The Washington Post, Repubblica, Elle Decor Italy, Il Fotografo.  Currently focused on documentary photography and filmmaking, he lives between Milan and Athens, developing a long-term project about contemporary Greece and a project about land pollution on northern Italy.

Director Biography: Guglielmo Trupia (1986) studied documentary film-making at Civica Scuola di Cinema Luchino Visconti in Milan. He works as filmmaker and film-editor at the ENECE film collective. He directed Atelier Colla (2011, presented at the London International Documentary Festival ), the award-winning poetry film Sottoripa (Raindance Festival, 2013) and Antropia (2018). As film editor he worked on L’albero di Trasmissione by the artist Fabrizio Bellomo (2014, 55 Festival dei Popoli); UPM – Unità di Produzione Musicale (2015, In-Edit Festival Barcellona); ), Yvonne’s by Tommaso Perfetti (winner of the Jury prize at Visions du Rèel 2017) and Frase D’arme by Federico di Corato ( 2018, Locarno Festival).

Enece Biography: Established in 2013, the ENECE film collective devotes itself to represent the reality, producing documentaries and experimental films. Members: Guglielmo Trupia, Elisa Piria, Tommaso Perfetti, Pietro de Tilla, Elvio Manuzzi, Giulia la Marca, Chiara Tognoli. Selected projects:
“MALO TEMPO” – (by Tommaso Perfetti) – Winner of Critic’s week at VENEZIA 75
“COLOMBI” ( by Luca Ferri) – Mostra del Cinema di Venezia – 2016
“YVONNES” by Tommaso Perfetti – Winner of Jury prize a Visions du Rèel -2017
“LIMITES” – by Giulia Landi ( Trento Film Festival) – 2016
“Unitá di Produzione Musicale” – By Enecefilm (Filmmaker Festival, Inedit Festival, Biografilm) – 2015 “SOTTORIPA” – By Guglielmo Trupia ( candidate as best documentary short at Raindance Festival) – 2013