Claudio Fasoli's Innersounds


The movie wants to be a real journey into the creative processes of jazz musician Claudio Fasoli, a journey in stages, an intimate and unpublished black and white portrait. Claudio’s voice reveals his thoughts as he spoke directly to every single viewer, and helps us to get as far as you can with words, in concepts such time, improvisation, the real meaning of the word jazz. The film follows the entire process of creating a new composition by Claudio Fasoli. The chords sketched on the piano, playing with sax, the musical arrangement with the Quintet in the rehearsal room, until the live performance. The editing is marked by absolute respect for Claudio’s music, for this “Claudio Fasoli’s Innersounds” besides being a portrait of a Great of Jazz, aspire to being in itself a real Jazz movie.

Claudio Fasoli, saxophone player, composer and educator. Born in Venice, he now lives in Milan, Italy. After a long apprenticeship which he achieved popularity playing with PERIGEO QUINTET. Then he became a leader of his own groups, putting together mostly trios or quartets. Some of the great names of the European and international jazz scene have played in these groups. For example, Henri Texier, Lee Konitz, Jean-François Jenny Clark, Aldo Romano, Ken Wheeler, Manfred Schoof, Dave Holland, Palle Danielsson, Tony Oxley, Bill Elgart, Mick Goodrick etc. He introduced his own compositions in concerts and festivals around the world, creating also a remarkable discography. In addition to his native Italy, he has performed in France, Switzerland, Jugoslavia, Poland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Finland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, England, Ireland, Canada, Mexico and the United States etc. The Referendum of Musica Jazz magazine elected him Musician of the Year 2017.