'Playful Expression' interactive demonstration

Jamie Stonehouse

Experimental Audio Engineer

Jamie worked as a Commentary Audio Engineer at the summer Olympic Games including London 2012 and Rio 2016, and has been a Music assistant for Urban Soul Orchestra, providing modern pop string arrangements for quartets and big bands. He also acts as a consultant and course content provider in the field of Videogame and Interactive Audio.

“Researching in the field of Interactive audio puts me on the forefront of new knowledge, this enables me to share that knowledge, my passion and enthusiasm with others. I am proud of my fierce dedication to the creative industries and I specialise in giving students interdisciplinary skills to work across the industry. A career in the creative arts can be a tricky one, but by identifying skills which can translate to other fields can grant you a full and varied career whilst still pursuing your focus, be it Music Production, Post-production or Academic Research”

‘Playful Expression’ is an interactive demonstration of four working platforms developed in UNITY, Fmod and Wwise. Commonly used as video game editing tools in the commercial arena. These Interactive Sonic Environments or ISE’s for short, are ideal for composers, sound designers and practitioners of the sonic arts to add interactivity and indeterminacy to their music. These works are the result of a four year practice-as-research PhD and have been used to create a composition portfolio with the aim of studying the roles of the composer and the end-user and how ‘play’ informs the process. The compositions generated thus far have been both open and fixed, dependent on the parameters set when developing the systems. Results have shown that the schema of interaction, the relationship between sound and visuals and the mode of feedback all contribute to the end result. These systems bring together elements of an instrument, a compositional tool and a way to interact with your precomposed material.

The platforms will be available for testing during and after the talk.

'Playful Expression' with Jamie Stonehouse

Thursday 27th Feb

1:30pm - 2:30pm PDSW Main Screen